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Today we complete the second chapter of the marketing book entitled: Discover Your Marketing Message

Distinguish from the rest

The most powerful marketing strategy you can follow is when you discover a way for you to differentiate and differentiate those who sell what you sell, so you have to find a way to prove that you are really different from others, prove them to the customer and believe what you say, and it prints in his mind.

You have to discover something that you do to make your company different strongly from others, and then commit to this thing strongly, so that this difference is reflected clearly in the minds of customers.

The biggest problem with marketing for your company lies in the minds of potential customers. They look at you like you are, sell what they sell, so you find them resorting to the standard and the only criterion they know well to judge you: price.

Everyone who starts his business is based on the principle of offering the cheapest price – only – it is a way to lose everyone who walks in it.

The best solution is to look for something unique that distinguishes you from others, does not say high quality, high-end service or the best price. All of these are in today’s world of basics that need not be repeated.

Your marketing message

You must focus on presenting something that distinguishes you from others, in a way that is easily understood and understood by all, and then works to convey that meaning strongly. To achieve this you have to do the following:

❂ Discover, occupy and commit to a unique location in the market
❂ Write down your goal of marketing for your company
❂ Turn your marketing goal into a logo
❂ Write a marketing sentence that summarizes all the above and uses it in all your marketing efforts

But do not be different from someone else just in love with the same difference, no, the target market should be appreciative and respectful of the field in which it will differ.

You will never find Apple’s name on any cheap product, nor will it find an ugly product, and you will not find it on a hard-to-use product.

One of the tools the author uses to make a unique team is by offering a dazzling warranty for the sold product, a guarantee that will hurt you when you think about it, a guarantee that none of your competitors will offer, such as trying our service for 90 days. If you are not satisfied with us, You spent with us.

Or offer a new, unique product that is later linked to your name in the market, or like offering a product with an additional service that increases the customer’s benefit.

A contractor noted that the most praiseworthy aspect of his clients is that his workers clean the place where they worked before they leave, so that the client does not need to clean up after them. After this discovery, the contractor focused on marketing for himself as the most contractor on earth owning and providing cleaning services!

Sometimes you will find your customers helping you to choose something that you have distinguished in, and they will call you names, such as fast, reliable, or who is missing from the market. These customers are beginning the road towards getting your marketing message optimized.

If your customers do not, ask your customers a number of questions about you and about the services they offer and sell them to help you know their impressions about you, and which area you are in, to take them and focus on marketing to you, and to differ from others.

After customers have searched for the area in which they are different, you have to search among the competitors for something they have overlooked. You approach and fill the void and build your marketing message on it. before all else i highly recommended you to watch this special video:

Responding to competition

Many do not know that one of the reasons for the founding of Apple Inc. is to destroy Microsoft, and that is why they find it hard to work hard to achieve their goal in a dignified, ethical and acceptable way.

The nature of the human soul says that it – the soul – exits the best within it if you find a competitor / competitor, so you have to look for your company for a competitor competing against him, helps you to discover your potential untapped potential.

Your talking logo

What do you do to get your income? The answer to this question should be your talking logo.

But before you answer, listen to the answers of your market, your customers, and most importantly your potential customers, who have not yet become effective.

‘I’m a computer repair expert’ or ‘I work in advertising’ will bring you a response like ‘Who cares it’ or worse.

Your logo should consist of two parts: the first clearly identifies the segment of the market you are targeting, and the second identifies the problem you are dealing with. Let’s show examples:

❂ I help contractors get their dues quickly
❂ I teach accountants how to get 3 times their traditional income
❂ I explained to newly married how they can save and retire wealthy
❂ I make weight loss very easy
❂ I help start-ups reduce taxes that you should pay

As you read these slogans, did not you feel like asking those who say some questions, and you want him to talk to you and tell you more about his goods?

If your marketing message succeeds and your marketing logo succeeds in raising these questions in the minds of your potential customers, you have come a long way to winning this customer, and perhaps this slogan alone has helped you win more customers without extra effort from you.

Now that you have a dazzling banner, you should also have amazing answers to the questions you will find in reading your logo. Here, you should explain how unique, unique and different you are.